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Victorian House Styles and Design

Staging their debut in the Queen Elizabeth reign of England, Victorian style homes continue to give their lasting impressions of intricate design, taste, and royalty.  This build style can have a broad spectrum of design choices stemming from Folk Victorian to the Classic Victorian.  Whatever your personal taste in these homes are, Ritz Design Build will offer a multitude of details, designs, and options for your personal style.  With the detailed nature of these homes and exterior features, a prospective client needs to be aware that special attention to maintenance and upkeep is required.  Due diligence while researching this unique style, and meeting with our knowledgeable designers, can ensure if this is the right style for you.  The devoted following of Victorian design homes take intense pride with their homes of historically intricate design and features.

Here in the western region with the broad spectrum of designs for this architectural style, we mainly see the Folk Victorian.  These homes primarily have symmetrical shapes with gables, low pitched roofs, and more of what’s called a Gothic window.  These windows are square built out bay type windows in the front of the house. You may relate this style to that of what you would see on a prairie, out in the country or farm.  The historically traditional Victorian home, tends to have great detail with sculpturing, intricate exterior features, high roof pitches, posts and pediments, and cast iron or metal detailing on the top and sides and veranda’s around the house itself.  Looking closely at the classic Victorian home, one notes that the verandas and porches resemble that of gazebos being built into and onto the perimeter of the home.  The iconic stance these homes have throughout the years will not go unwarranted in your neighborhood.

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