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Single Story Additions

Single Story Additions

Ritz Design Build has been Designing and Constructing Home Additions in San Diego since 1965. We’ve completed thousands of projects with thousands of happy home owners.

Perhaps you fell in love with a small home because there were only two of you. Or maybe a small home was all you could afford. But now, with the passage of time, you need more space. You don’t have to buy a new home, you can add on to the home you love with the help of Ritz Design Build.

Do you build up or build out?

There are two ways to add more space: add a second story or increase the footprint of your home. Ritz Design Build can design either way but sometimes the part of the house you need dictates which method. Kitchen and living rooms of course tend to be on the first floor. But if you need additional bedrooms or home office, a second story could be the way to go. Ritz Design Build can help you make that decision.

What a build out takes

Most additions are build out, that is, increasing the footprint. Usually, we’ll bring in a backhoe and dig up the area where the addition will sit and build a new foundation or stab. Then we’ll build the walls and roof of the addition and then we’ll blow out the existing exterior wall and link the new and old spaces.

Bump outs: bump up square footage without a higher price tag

A bump out is an alternative for saving money on a small addition. We’ll hang the space off the edge of the building. Ritz Design Build can extend a floor about 3 feet for a 10 to 12-foot length. That’s enough to add a bathtub to a bathroom, add additional seating in a dining room or add more space in a living room. This can save up to 15% on construction costs!

See before you build a single-story addition

Ritz Design Build will sit down and find out your needs and wants for a home. We’ll also be able to add some suggestions of our own that will provide you the most enjoyment in your home addition. Our designer renders designs in 3D that help you visualize what your new addition will look like. We want your complete buy-in before you sign a contract, well before we start construction!

Get started with the pros

Add style and space with a single-story addition with Ritz Design Build. Get started today by requesting your free quote.

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