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There is good news for homeowners in California!  With the recently passed SB 1069 legislation, it will now be easier, and in most cases less expensive to add an “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, aka Granny Flat, to your property.  Thank you Governor Brown!

Urged by a lack of housing, the SB 1069 legislation was developed, in an effort to create affordable solutions to California’s housing crisis.  By no longer requiring a separate utility meter, lifting parking regulations, eliminating passage-ways, and streamlining fees, it is now easier than ever and cost effective to build a granny flat in San Diego County.

San Diego has a very diverse demographic, unlike any other.  We see more and more multi-generational families moving to San Diego, where this granny flat legislation will provide affordable solutions.  We are also experiencing an influx of “Aging in Place”.  Many San Diego County families have their aging family members move in, as opposed to nursing facilities.  The annual median rate for an Assisted Living Facility for San Diego, in 2015, according to the Cost of Care Survey, was $42,000, and $93,805 for a Nursing Home!

The question must be asked… Why spend $93,000 each year to rent a room, when a homeowner could invest in adding square footage, and add tremendous value to their home?!  Not only will Mom & Dad be happier being close to family, increasing quality of life, the homeowner will have an almost immediate return on their investment by adding square footage to the home!  Along with the future potential of rents…this seems like a win-win situation to me.

Not all granny flats, or as the state refers to them, accessory dwelling units, must be a detached unit.  Often times it is cost effective to add square footage to the home, sharing a common wall, while adding an exterior entrance for total privacy.

While the new legislation has yet to trickle into all local municipalities, our Research Team here at Ritz Design Build, continues to stay informed of each cities updated rules & regulations.  We collaborate with cities from Encinitas, to Chula Vista, Pacific Beach to Santee, ensuring a successful project, from design to build.

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