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Incorporating Universal Design into Your Home

Incorporating Universal Design into Your Home

Incorporating Universal Design into Your Home

Commissioning a house is often a highly involved act. People planning to have a house constructed for their needs and wants must consider multiple factors during the construction process. Those who live in an existing house but want to engage in a remodeling project must also fact in multiple considerations during the design process.

One of the most important of all such factors is the home’s ability to accommodate multiple needs. A house should ideally allow the occupy to remain in the house for as long as possible even in the event of injury or as the person ages.

One of the best ways to do this is with the use of universal design. Universal design is the use of varying techniques to make a house’s features accessible to people of all age groups. Universal design typically aims to use make sure that home can be easily occupied by a growing family or a single senior.

This type of design often has multiple elements. Each aspect of the design is carefully considered. The height of a kitchen workspace may have a mechanism that allows it to be lowered so that someone in a wheelchair can use it. Door handles may be made as simple as possible in order to allow someone with arthritis to grasp them. A bathroom may have a wider shower stall so that it can be used with a shower chair.

Universal design can be used when constructing a new home. The builder will often make modifications allowing for basic changes such as wider hallways or the use of an entrance ramp rather than steps. This type of design can also be incorporated when remodeling a home. A remodeled kitchen may have cabinets with shelves that can be lowered or an oven with lower than usual burners.

This type of design can make it possible for someone to remain in their home as long as they like. Doing so can help them save money by avoiding the need for nursing home care. Younger people may also find that such design helps make it easier to care for an active toddler or bring food into the house.

It is important to find a builder who will work with any design the user may have in mind. An effective home builder or remodeling company can make any home accessible to all potential occupants.

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