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San Diego Home Prices on the Rise but Cost to Build a Home Addition; HALF PRICE

San Diego Home Prices on the Rise but Cost to Build a Home Addition; HALF PRICE

The average cost to buy a home in San Diego these days is still on the rise and is currently almost $400/sq. ft…. sometimes even more per square foot for newly renovated homes, homes on large lots or homes with views. With San Diego housing prices up the highest we’ve seen since 2007, many home owners in the area are finally pulling the trigger on their home additions and home remodeling projects because now the numbers finally make sense (again)!

3 Bedroom Homes for Sale 92117 “Building on” to an older home not only adds well needed space but adds incredible VALUE to these older homes as well. With building costs about HALF the price of buying (approximately $200/sq.ft. to build vs. $400/sq. ft. to buy), in some cases home additions DOUBLE the value of the homes! Median Home Sale Price in Clairemont Mesa West The people at Ritz Design Build (A Division of Budge-It Home Remodeling Inc.) on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. say that San Diego homeowners are now planning, designing and building onto their homes more now than they have in the last decade. At about $200/square foot to build BRAND NEW square footage, it’s not just contractors that are taking advantage of the building costs and profits anymore. Smart homeowners are investing into their older homes NOW before building costs rise to match the hoausing market. There has never been a better time! Call the experts today at Ritz Design Build for your free estimate: 858-248-9711.

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