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San Diego Housing Prices at an All Time High- Good News for Homeowners

San Diego Housing Prices at an All Time High- Good News for Homeowners

So, FINALLY the San Diego housing market is at an all-time high.

Here’s the graph to prove it:

graph 2








Housing prices are exceeding what they were in the height of 2007… “The good Ol Days”.

Better yet, they are expected to keep climbing.

Do you know what that means for San Diego Home Owners?!

That means that that homeowners that bought back then, that have been watching and waiting, are finally exhaling- AND, they are finally putting money into their homes!

They are finally remodeling their outdated kitchen and bathrooms!

Finally adding well needed space for their growing families (or extended families that moved in! (Hey, YOU chose San Diego- Deal with it! :-))

They are bashing out walls for that open concept they always wanted…

They are adding a granny flat to their property because the…. “NUMBERS FINALLY MAKE SENSE!”

Try calling a contractor in San Diego to see for yourself.

Most contractors are booked up weeks ahead for estimates and their crews and subcontractors are so busy that they don’t even have time to do any favors for family and friends any more!! They are “making hay while the sun is shining” that’s for sure!

Plumbers even have smiles on their faces again! It’s true! 🙂

So, if you are interested in adding value to your home (not to mention space and beauty), call the experts at Ritz Design Build for a FREE Estimate on making your dreams a reality. It might take a little longer to get an estimate and the permit (because the City is busy too), but it will be well worth the wait: 858-248-9711.


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