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Front Bump Out Additions

Front Bump Out Addition Projects

The Williams: Front bump out in Santee

The Williams have a large blended family and often entertain. When their mother was getting older, they decided the best option would be to move her to the family home. Grandma could no longer maintain her own residence but certainly didn’t require assisted living. They built her a master bedroom suit that extended into the front yard. This way she was able to maintain some privacy and independence but still enjoy the company of her family. The master bedroom includes a wet bar area so she can heat up a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat without bothering the rest of the family.

A home for the golden years
We built the suite with an eye towards the aging process. Doors were built a little wider and a curbless shower makes it easy to bathe without having to step into the typical shower/bath combo. While the house is not formally certified by the ADA, it does anticipate the loss of mobility that some people experience as they grow older.

Integrating the old and the new
Ritz Design Build crafted a lovely suite that included a bedroom, lounge area, and bathroom. When we build in the front of a home, we are particularly carefully of curb appeal. Our approach is to make the addition look like it was part of the original construction. We do this by:

  • Matching elements: If a house has casement windows, for example, oversized crown moldings or wide plank floors, we try to repeat those design elements in the new addition. We also try to match finish materials including siding, roofing, and trim.
  • Making it simple: If we can’t match details perfectly, we make the details on the addition a little simpler and then unite through use of color or similar materials
  • Heading for the corner: If two different siding materials are used, we try to make the transitions happen at a corner for less visual impact.

Take a moment and add a front porch
Most of the homes built during the 1960s or later did not include a large front porch. We love front porches because they create a transition from the outside world to the sanctuary of home. A front porch is the perfect place to enjoy quiet conversation or a quiet setting to pay bills or catch up on your email. Who knows, your neighbors might even be inspired to stop by and chat. Oh, you don’t really know your neighbors? That just might change.

You’re in good hands with Ritz Design Build
If you’re building a front addition, you should be aware of the front yard easement before you begin to build. But you can relax and trust us with the permitting process and knowledge of the local limits of easements. We research local requirements before we even begin the designs for your addition. With our experienced team, we will offer you a design that you’ll give us feedback on and we’ll revise it so it reflects exactly what you want. When we provide you with the final design, we also include a budget and a schedule—everything you need to make a smart, informed decision.

See it before you build it
Building an additional unit for a family member involves the opinions of many people. As a homeowner, you want to enhance your existing home. You also have your family members to consider. Ritz Design Build will listen to your needs and wants and make some suggestions. Over the years, we’ve built similar units for many extended families and can offer an innovative design that will take into account your needs, wants, and your budget. Our designer models floorplans in full-color 3D renderings. You’ll get an idea how the new addition will flow into your existing home. We want your full buy-in before construction begins.

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