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Unique San Diego Home Designs by Ritz Design Build- Step Outside the Box

In the early 1900s settlement of San Diego, craftsman style homes and Spanish/Adobe style homes were the home styles of choice, but the population of San Diego grew dramatically from 580,000 to over 700,000 residents in the 1960s. The increase of population was mostly due to the booming economy… General Dynamics had just taken over Conair, The University of California opened its campus, the Coronado Bridge and the City Administration Building opened, the Sports Stadium was built in Mission Valley… and oh, and The Beatles played for us in ’65.
To accommodate the influx of population at that time many small, simple, single story homes popped up everywhere (with no basements!). “The Mid-Century Modern” style (Much more glamorous than “The Box” style) became instantly popular for many reasons. This style was particularly desirable to builders at that time because it was a much more cost-effective type of home to build. The older craftsman and Spanish style homes had much more detail, which required more labor and materials. So throughout the 1960s with the construction boom, builders could build more homes at a faster pace and in a more cost effective manner.

Well, here we are in 2015, and those older homes do not suit us anymore and are falling apart.
Remodeling a San Diego mid-century home is an option.
Adding valuable space is more desirable, and tearing it completely down and re-building “NEW” is another option.

But the most common option these days (and most economical) is to actually keep 50% of the external walls of the home and rebuild/remodel/add space. The City still considers this a “remodel” so you will save yourself a LOT of money on permits and fees, but still basically get yourself a new home.
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