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As We Age: Granny Flat or Aging In Place?

As we move through the seasons of our lives, our housing preferences and needs evolve just like we do. In our younger years we can remember sharing college dorms or climbing endless flights of stairs to tiny apartments. As we begin growing our families we might have sought out properties with larger yards or space for newer members. As we grow older we recognize our housing needs still shifting. Perhaps you are now an empty-nester living in a larger property than current needs can justify or have parents that will soon no longer be able to live independently.

For those that are moving into their twilight years, or have parents making that transition, housing adjustments are likely to be made. There are many housing options for aging on your terms. Although many choose assisted living, there are other options that keep people much closer to home. Two primary options that seniors choose are Aging in Place in their current residence by making renovations to a current home. Another option is building a Granny Flat on a family property that is designed to keep you independent, yet close to loved ones.

Aging In Place

Aging in Place renovations encompass a wide array of home adjustments that make the transition into seniority comfortable and easy. As we age, we experience a vast array of changes to our physical abilities. For many these changes may include, reduced vision, decreased muscular strength, slowed or hindered cognition, and an increased risk of falling.

Figuring out how to make your current home ‘senior friendly’ or go about zoning, permitting, and building a Granny Flat can be a daunting process. You’re in luck!  We at Ritz Design Build are experts in this arena with decades of experience with clients looking to remain in their homes. We take a consultative approach to Granny Flats and Aging in Place requests, first listening to the particular needs and budget before creating unique, 3D designs.

As a result of our more than 50 years in the industry we are often able to anticipate families’ needs before they arise. For instance, as one’s falling risk increases, how can a home be retrofitted with safety measures and grab bars? For those with decreased mobility, how can doorways and showers be modified to allow for continued ease of access? Aging in Place at your current residence is absolutely possible with the help of a dedicated, trusted design+build firm like Ritz.

Granny Flat

Instead of aging in their current residence, many families opt to bring several generations of a family together onto a single property. As aging parents move onto their children’s’ properties there is always the question of where to put everyone. A Granny Flat or Accessory Dwelling Unit is an excellent combination of closeness and independence. A Granny Flat, or mother-in-law house, is a separate (or semi-attached) unit on a residential property. These make great living quarters for elderly parents or even adult children still living on parents’ property. Ritz Design Build is the top Granny Flat contractor in San Diego. With hundreds of Accessory Dwelling Units completed over an illustrious career, we can help you create the perfect home extension for your changing family needs.

There are growing pains associated with every season of life. At Ritz Design Build we hope to help families transition seamlessly into the next chapter in life, either by means of a home renovation for those Aging in Place, or through the construction of a beautiful Granny Flat. We’d love to hear more about your family’s future, your home needs, and to show you how we intend to design and build the home of your family’s dreams.

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