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Benefits of Design Build Process

Benefits of the Design Build Process

We think the Design Build Process is the best way to get the results you want when renovating your home. Because of the greater efficiencies and enhanced communication, it’s the only way we work. We don’t build other company’s plans.

Everybody is on the same team

The goal of Design Build is to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations. With both design and building functions under the same roof, there is no placing blame or finger pointing between architect and contractor. There are no endless rounds of phone calls. When there’s a challenge, we just get to work and solve it.

We begin with your budget

We start with your budget and work back from there. During the design phase we help you prioritize what you want with what you can afford and try minimize that gap as much as possible. Often architects don’t make budgets a top priority and then home builders can be surprised at the construction phase. With Ritz Design Build, we quote a single price for everything—all fees, construction costs, utilities, landscaping allowances–at the very beginning. There are no surprises.

Better communication = greater efficiency

This happens all the time when you work with a separate architect and general contractor: during construction there is a question on the design. So the foreman has to ask the project manager to call the architects’s office. It can take days to get a message. At Ritz, our construction foreman calls our designer and gets the answer pronto. No work is delayed. No budgets stretched.

Left and right brains are here to serve you

We’re obsessed with aesthetics like a designer. We’re also keep our eye on the budget like a builder. We’re designers that think like builders and builders that think like designers.

An involved customer is a satisfied customer

The Design Build process gets the customer involved in the process early on and keeps them engaged. With your continual input and constant communication, you won’t be surprised at any phase of the process. (Except at the end, you don’t have any idea how much you’ll love your new home until you see it complete!)

You benefit from our experience

Our designer has worked with our builders for over ten years. There are no inefficiencies when plans are passed off. A seamless process has been created and they make it look easy. If there are questions, they feel comfortable bringing up issues. (We’re avoiding the big egos sometimes associated with the design industry.)

You have a single contact

You have a single project manager to take you through the process. From design, through permitting, to building. Just think all the people you would have to call if you did this yourself: The architect, the architect’s assistant, the general contractor, the sub contractors, the guy down in the permitting office. We’ll take care of everything. You’ll be happy. It’s that simple.

Cost savings

Design Build is all about value engineering. The integration of both design and build practices creates efficiencies and helps save time—and money. With fewer parties to content with, decisions can be made and communicated more quickly. While a Ritz Design Build project may not necessarily be the cheapest bid on a project, we guarantee you’ll receive the greatest value for your dollar.

Get started with the pros

A second story addition is one of the biggest changes you can make to a home. Give Ritz Design Build a call and we’ll create a second story that gives you more room and adds to the beauty of your home, all while bringing you the greatest value for your dollar.

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