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San Marcos

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San Marcos Remodeling

According to local legends, the area of San Marcos was “discovered” in 1779 by Spanish troops of the San Luis Rey Mission after chasing a band of sheep thieves into the local foothills. During the action packed pursuit, the troops came upon a fertile valley that they eventually claimed and named Los Vallecitos de San Marcos (Little Valleys of Saint Mark).

Then and now… Residents are here to stay

Fast forward 235 years later, and this “little” valley has become a boomtown of more than 80,000 residents who enjoy a fantastic quality of life. A strong commitment to park maintenance, hiking trail programs and community services is a top priority for San Marcos, as is its commitment to higher learning. As home to Palomar College and California State University San Marcos, the city has become the heart of education for the northern region of San Diego.

Here are a few more reasons why San Marcos residents say their town is among the best in west:

  • A strong local and regional Economy

    San Marcos has a low unemployment rate and is one of the fastest growing cities in San Diego County

  • Public transportation

    Located along the SPRINTER commuter rail line, San Marcos has a solid transportation network

  • Eco friendly

    The city takes environmental awareness to heart, and is working hard to preserve the San Marcos Creek, ridgelines and sensitive habitat

  • Hospitable climate

    It’s hard to beat the mild, year-round climate San Marcos enjoys. Average temperatures hover around 72 degrees

  • Hiking trails

    San Marcos features a staggering 56 miles of trails perfectly suited for hiking, biking, running and horseback riding. Enjoy breath taking San Ellijo Hills vistas from the top of Double Peak Park.

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