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The Pfeiffers

The Pfeiffers

Granny flat in Oceanside

The Pfeiffers were very proud of their daughter when she graduated from college. They encouraged her to live at home while she worked her first job so she could get on her feet financially. The entire family realized that everyone would be happier with a little privacy. So they contracted Ritz Design Build to construct a small detached unit so their grad could live at home, but not in the home.

They’re called granny flats, studios or guest quarters. They might be located on top of a garage, as an extension in the back yard, as a connector between a home and detached garage, or stand alone separate unit. Either way, they bring a great flexibility to a family’s living space. Young adults, like in the Pfeiffers’ case, appreciate them as an opportunity to save some money. Senior parents may come to live with their grown children if they are no longer able to maintain a residence by themselves.

Types of granny flats

You can’t build every type of studio in every neighborhood in San Diego. Before we even begin the design phase, we’ll research the permitting rules in your neighborhood. Ritz Design Build has extensive experience in walking our designs through the approval process.

  • The stand alone – If you have a large yard and no setback issues, this alternative supplies some of the greatest privacy and need not be that expensive.
  • The Fonzie unit – Remember Happy Days? Fonzie lived in an apartment above the Cunningham’s garage.
  • In the garage – Yes, you can adapt your garage into a living unit. But please be aware that then you have to construct another unit to provide lost parking spaces.
  • Attaching a garage & home – If your garage is detached, putting in a unit that connects the home to the garage is a smart way to utilize space.
  • Building out the back – You can save money by building off existing structures. The unit can also have a separate entrance that leads to the street.
  • Adding up – If you don’t have much yard space, you might want to build up. This can be more expensive, but offer increased privacy and great views.

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